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Do I have the right to be offended if my boyfriend is watching youtube videos of women's ***. Bare naked ***..?
Up close & personal. Shaking there ***' for 8 min. straight,being very sexual. He does it when I am not around of course, and does not know I know. Maybe I am overreacting? But obviously he hides it because he knows I wouldn't like it. Is he not satisfied, shouldn't i be enough? How would you handle this, especially if he had a history of seeking photos of very attractive women? Ladies would you be offended if your man did this all the time? Any insight would be appreciated, thank you!
I understand where you are coming from, my fiance would always look at other women, and it was always bothering me. I didn't say anything for a while and just kept it to myself but all that did was make it worse. So my advise to you would be to calmly approach him and explain how you feel about the situation. Do not tell him he isn't allowed to do it because that will only come off as being jealous and bossy. Just explain your feelings about how it makes you feel.
If he respects you then he will try his best to do whats best for you both.
Goodluck and be strong. If a man doens't respect you telling him your feelings then he shouldn't be a strong point in your life.
How do couples become comfortable with sex?
Yes, we all know married couples have sex to some degree, but how do they become comfortable with it? I mean, the mere concept of stripping down bare-*** naked in front of someone somewhat makes me wonder... I'm 17 and a virgin, so I have no idea how this would work... would anyone like to elaborate?
They get used to each other...naked and clothed. It takes time to get to know someone...that means getting to know their personality, and their sexual personality. Sure some people can just have sex with anyone at all...but when it is between a married couple...most times it is meaningful and that makes it comfortable. make sense?
What is it with naked old men in the gym locker room?
I am so sick of walking into the gym walker room and seeing old, sagging men walking around bare-*** naked. I mean it isn't a simple act of coming out of the shower or taking off your underwear before wrapping in a towl. Some of these old guys will stand there in front of the mirror and shave butt-*** naked, I mean how hard is it for them to put on a towel while doing that?? I do even in the privacy of my own bathroom.Some bald, older guy was walking around the whole room naked the other day,first to get on the scale and then to wash his hands and then to pee. How hard is it to cover up if you are older and don't have a good body anymore?? I go into the locker room to either get in the sauna or change out, but I don't shower, and I really would prefer not to see it and you can't always help it because some will be standing there in front of the door when you walk in.
Dude, I'm 18 years old and have been working out at my school weight room the last 4 or 5 years, so now that im graduating soon ive been going to a close by Gold's Gym, and the same thing happens there. I dont know what the deal is, ive been going to the gym for about 2 weeks now and probably 7 times I've walked in the locker room with some old guy standing there bare-*** naked. I have no clue what the deal is. I dont know if they're trying to get attention or what, but it is ******* gross its only the old men that do it too. I understand this is a public lockeroom and I expect people to be naked, but the old men walk around naked the whole time brushing their teeth and whatnot. Like you said how hard is it to cover up with a towel or put on a pair of underwear like normal people do, but for some reason they find it necessary to stand naked like they are in their own bathroom at home. I would think they would be embarrassed because every one of them I've walked in on had a little choad. I just learn to expect it and ignore it.
How should i dress up? for arnold swarzenegger(?)?
i have a high school project and i have to dress up as him, im not sure what to do, i need help asap, thanks guys :D i want serious answers, not "just go bare *** naked" etc etc :P
Depends.. are u going as him NOW or how he used to be back in the 70s-early 90s ?

nows hes a bit old and outta shape.. hed only wear a suit out in public

back in the 70s he was a bodybuilder.. he wore a lot of tank tops and shorts (bodybuilding dvds, I have a few)

or more so in the 80s.. in movies he wore a lot of leather jackets and aviator sunnies :p
I went to a museum and was shocked?
There was numerous statues and painting that showed totally naked people, including full view of
(and I gasped when I saw this), the genitals. Males were exposing the sexual organs just like they were natural parts of their bodies and the women were not any better. This is all sponsored by the government and the taxpayers.

Shouldn't all this pornography be destroyed to protect the innocent people who might not know that people have always had sexual organs. It is almost as though these people were actually born naked, bare *** naked.
"BUT, what is the difference in this and the Playboy and Husler magazines that others really are upset over. Where do they come off deciding what someone else can call art and porn. What exactly is the difference in a topless gogo girl and a girl at the museum?"

There isn't (a difference.) It's just high-faluting-society's way of being able to openly enjoy that which the hidden Penthouse-reader does as well..
Sexy digital camera play?
OK....I guess the anonymity of this allows me to ask you all the question I cant ask my friends or family. Being a hi tech kinda guy I bought a digital camera ( got tired of buying film and waiting six months before I shot the roll then waiting to get the film developed) now my predicament.

My all american attractive girl next door type girlfriend has become addicted to having a little sexy play with the camera and wants to save all the pictures? Well I’m all for a little fun but I’m not sure this is a good idea. The other day we went for a hike on a nature trail and when I was trying to take a picture of an overlook she pops into the frame bare *** naked! She seems really turned on by doing this. What do you other gals think of all this, I know the guys think I’m one lucky sob but she seems addicted! Is it really that much of a turn on for women? She actually bought me a tri-pod for my birthday so “we could both be in the pictures”.
Just have fun with it. My gf and I have been doing this stuff for years now. We have thousands of pics. We love to trade pics with other couples and get to know new people.

If your interested in trading some,,,,,,,,, just give us a shout. I guarantee we can match anything you send.......

Good luck.
Ok so does this sound weird....?
Ok, so i go to bed in my boxers...but wake up bare ***, any suggestions!?!?!? wear a belt when im a sleep?
you have sex with yourself ?
Why are Victoria's Secret employees so unfriendly to men?
Every time (and I mean E V E R Y) I go there with my girlfriend I dread it. If god-forbid she sees something she likes, which isn't very often since all of their "lingerie" is boring at best. I have to deal with:

1. Not having anywhere to sit, because there are NO chairs outside the dressing rooms.
2. Not being allowed in the hallway of the dressing room since that's where the only chairs are.
3. Having to stand outside the dressing room behind an invisible line because it's "company policy." By the way, tiled floors aren't exactly the nicest on the feet if you have to stand in a single spot for 20+ minutes.
4. Having to either run into the room very quickly before someone notices I went in when my girlfriend asks how something looks (within 3 minutes there's some fat girl perving on us and asking me to leave very loudly).
5. Or my girlfriend has to run out of the dressing room bare *** naked so I can see if what she's trying on looks good.

Now I can see why I wouldn't be allowed in the dressing room, but not even giving me a place to sit nearby so my girlfriend doesn't have to either sneak me in or walk through half *** naked just so I can see if what she picked up looks decent? That's completely unreasonable.
It's people like you and your girlfriend that I have kicked out of my store all the time. If you cannot follow the company's policy, we don't want you as our customer. You make our other customers uncomfortable, and you are blatantly disregarding rules you already know of.

The store is not a place for you to get a free show from your girlfreind.
High school football bets?
Ok so i'm talking to one of my friends. and hes on the football team. & we beat them last year.... but i was like we're gonna beat yall this year. then hewas like wanna make a bet. so i was like yeah then his part of the bet, if he wer to win is tht i have to rget bare *** naked & run across my home field with his school name painted on my ***. what should my half of the bet be if i wer to win?????

I was like maybe you should do the same thing, then he was like thats a little gay, and then i was like shut up and then he was like dude, then i was like buddy and then he was like....etc. what a bunch of garbage and a waste of time.
My bro walked in on me. ?
Me n my bro split rent 50/50 and last night I went to shower so did he in his bathroom. My bathroom is in my room so a closed my bedroom door and started to striP down, soon enough I find the shower running my laptop open and me doing my business bare *** naked when all of a sudden I look back and see my bro through a 6 inch crack in the door he's walking away. He opened it and saw me then left. He doesn't know that I know he saw. But when I got out of the shower my bedroom door was closed again. What do I do? Do I tel him? Or just keep quite and hope he does the same?
Eurgh what a perve why wouldn't he say 'oh sorry!' or at least make a shocked gasp, obviously does it often.

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